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What is new
March 07, 2006:
Virus check performed on all attachments. The maximum size of a file attachment set to 20MB

EDP Section:
Added a new section (EDP and Lettershop) to RFQ Detail (General) page.

Shipping Info:
The shipping information for an RFQ can be cleared (deleted) by just one mouse click.

March 01, 2006:
Super-User Model (enhanced):
The super user model, which was earlier available to only buyer companies, has been enhanced so that it can be used by vendors and agencies as well. For more information on super-user model, or to enable it for your company, please contact PrintWire.

RFQ Settings:
RFQ Settings like Designated Paper Vendor, Default RFQ Messages, etc., which were available on the Company Information page, have been moved to a separate page. This page can be accessed by clicking on the RFQ Settings link under Profile tab. Many new RFQ Settings are now available to be set as default.


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